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Khanna Industries was founded in the year 2000 by Mr. Kishor Khanna. Since then it has grown manifolds under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Kishor Khanna. With our continous R & D activities we develop new products according to the changing market needs and requirements.

We have partnered with leading names in the telecom industry as manufacturers, traders and suppliers of telecommunication parts indoor \ outdoor fittings and accessories. In just over a decade we have carved a niche for ourselves in the Telecommunication industry. Our products are widely appreciated and used all over the country.

We started manufacturing SS Clamps, MS Clamps, Line Jack Units and added products like ADSL Splitter, Power Adapter, Line Cords, Spiral Cords, Patch Cords, various kinds of tools and tool bags. We are quality manufacturers, distributors and traders of telecommunication parts, accessories, outdoor fittings and various tools used in the telecom and electronic industry. We deal in SS clamps, D Clamps, Telephone Rosette Box\ Line Jack Unit, ADSL Splitter, RJ 11 Line Cords, RJ 45 Patch Cords, USB Power Cables, PVC Clamps, OFC Petroleum Jelly, Tool bags and the tools like Crimping Tools, Punching \ Krone Tools, Wire Cutters etc

Our Products are carried under strict quality controlled by our trained and experienced staff i.e. subject to precisely defined specifications and technical norms. We believe in continuous R & D activities for upgrading our products, and can develop new items as per clients requirements.


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